Qualitative Focus Groups
100-200 Quantitative Snapshots

  • Combines major strength of qualitative (diagnostic data) with reliable/quantitative samples to provide a complete “snapshot” of the areas of investigation.
  • Quantitative results are logged in real-time and management can see it live.
  • Adjustments to focus groups can be made on the fly as quantitative data comes in.


Idea Generation – “SNAPSHOT” data has been used in conjunction with qualitative focus group feedback in order to help clients pair down concepts/ideas for further testing.

Package Design – “SNAPSHOT” findings helped a client determine the 3 optimal designs that were taken to a Phase II quantitative test, as the focus group findings weren’t uniform.

Advertising Test – In addition to conducting a total of 12 focus groups in 3 key markets, a total of 200 “SNAPSHOT” surveys were conducted in order to help a client determine the 3 ads that would be quantitative examined in a Phase II follow-up prior to the launch of a $20 million campaign.