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We’ve worked with countless world-class brands

“Our client roster includes Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging brands from a
diverse mix of industries – consumer packaged goods, food and beverages, healthcare and
pharma, agriculture, hospitality, utilities and energy, retail, advertising, media and more.”

Consumer Packaged Goods

Creating customized solutions for CPG marketers for nearly 30 years, we work with established and emerging CPG brands in just about every category.

Food and Beverage

Our global market research experience in the beverage category is extensive – including spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks and water.


As a leading healthcare market research company, Rose Research designs custom market research for hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.


We conduct a wide variety of surveys and research studies to understand today’s pharmaceutical customer.


We work with agriculture and commodities marketers to help them more fully understand market trends in the fast changing foreign and domestic marketplace.


Customer satisfaction tracking research, mystery shopping tools and other real-time data collection techniques to help retail marketers understand how their customers think, need, and feel.


We specialize in brand awareness investigations and studies that determine the impact apparel brands have on retailers.

Hospitality and Travel Tourism, Destinations and Lodging

We work with convention and visitor bureaus and destination marketing organizations, airline carriers, cruise lines, hotel chains, resorts – targeting both leisure and business travelers.

Restaurants and Entertainment

Get a handle on your customers’ changing preferences and test new products and services.


We have years of specialized experience and many innovative tools to deliver market insights in the fast-growing gaming industry.

Utilities and Energy

We understand the energy consumer as well as internal issues faced by energy and utility providers in both competitive and non-competitive markets.

Advertising & Media

We help advertisers and media companies best engage with their customers.

Advertising Agencies

We help brands and their agencies make game-changing messaging and marketing decisions.

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