Combines conversation and machine learning to deliver quantitative insights to qualitative questions

Rose Research recently introduced a ground-breaking “hybrid” technique that takes qualitative insights to a whole new level.

Our “I-Group” technique (powered by Remesh) is changing the way in which qualitative focus group research is being conducted. “I-Group” takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology which allows for a much more robust sample (i.e. more participants) and analysis.

Instead of interviewing only a handful of people at a time, “I-Group” provides our clients with the ability to talk to hundreds of respondents in one focus group setting!

The A/I driven platform provides our professionally trained moderators with verbatim in real-time – allowing us to make changes to the discussion guide while the group discussion is still taking place.

Meanwhile, the quantitative sample sizes (N = 100 respondents +) allow for the data to be analyzed on the back end by a number of key variables, such as – age, ethnicity, region lived in, etc.

As the work is conducted online, travel is no longer necessary – saving clients both time and money!

Our clients tell us this is a Game Changer!

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