The company conducts both “Global Evaluation Tracking Studies” and ad-hoc research projects for a number of cooperators, including – The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, The U.S. Forest Cooperators, The Washington Apple Commission, USA Pears, The California Walnut Commission, among others.

Studies are conducted among consumers, the trade and government officials.

Rose research leverages international partnerships with research companies in the country/ies under investigation providing “boots on the ground” and local expertise.

INDEX – a better way to evaluate Performance Measures, which takes into account multiple data points – allowing for a more holistic approach and less variance.

Our proprietary “STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUE” (SAT) offers marketers insights into the optimal strategy/positioning that will have the greatest impact on sales.

“CONSORT” (a technique developed for FORTUNE 500 CPG’s) can help determine the optimal media/ advertising mix.

Executive staff can provide insights into CPR and UES development – identifying key “constraints” and “opportunities”.