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The Rose Research leadership team has the deep business experience and decades of market research consulting expertise across all methodologies and industries to tackle the most complex challenges.


We create custom solutions and leverage our extensive normative database of over 4,000 studies in virtually every industry to help our clients better understand key shifts in the marketplace and seize those market opportunities.


Our proprietary Hybrid market research techniques combine qualitative and quantitative methods with state-of-the art analytic data collection platforms to create strategies that capture more actionable feedback and deliver meaningful market insights for our clients.


Our extensive market research consulting experience and massive normative database enables us to share category norms and meaningful marketing recommendations with our clients – putting findings into their proper context.

Client Service is Key

At Rose Research, close collaborative relationships are the key to excellence in client service and success. In-depth market research consulting starts with determining your research goals and defining the scope of the project to make sure client expectations are met.


A. partner of the firm is always in charge to ensure that projects run smoothly – from developing and drafting surveys to the final presentation – becoming a trusted and valuable member of your marketing team.

Strategic Technology Partnerships

We have long-established relationships with reliable and proven technology platforms, sample companies and field services, and we continue to build strong alliances with new strategic partners.


Rose Research works with the world’s leading data collection companies and panel partners – providing access to millions of consumers and professionals around the world.

Most of our clients return year over year

It is a pleasure and privilege to work with the world’s brightest marketers
who value our hands-on approach and turn to us year after year 
for their market research needs.

Global Market Research

International marketing presents new opportunities for growth along with complex challenges.


We know. We’ve been helping our clients optimize their international marketing strategy with custom global market research in developed and emerging markets around the world for nearly 30 years.


Over the years we’ve successfully conducted thousands of high-level projects targeting consumers and professionals throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean.


Multi-national brands rely on Rose Research to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality global market research to assess existing markets, identify new ones, and outline short and long-term priorities.

We conduct global and market-by-market evaluations that provide a better understanding of foreign markets, pricing evaluation, purchasing behavior insight, competitive analysis and more to keep pace in fast-changing international market conditions.


Working with both global panel companies and local firms with “boots on the ground”, we ensure that local customs and best practices are observed when conducting an international project – whether we’re targeting a financial professional in the UAE or a primary grocery shopper in a Tier II city in China.


Rose Research designs and executes customized global market research projects using a variety of survey techniques in-person, online, telephone and through social media targeting.


We understand the complexities of international market evaluation and we know how to work with lean budgets.

Market Research for B2B

B2B market research requires a specialized approach. We have conducted over a thousand market research initiatives involving every level of decision maker, influencer, recommender, and purchaser of business products and services.

We work with a team of recruiting specialists to identify and interview hard-to-target B2B audiences – members of the financial community, C-Suite executives, human resource professionals, attorneys, trade association members, healthcare professionals and surgeons, as well as all types of small and medium sized business owners.


We conduct projects targeting professionals using various techniques – online, telephone and face-to-face/IDI’s. It’s essential to “speak the same language” with professionals – in order to get the most meaningful information from B2B studies.


Rose Research has a long-established team of experts who are specifically trained to engage and connect with trade participants in the US and around the world – enhancing our insight capabilities.

Our mission is to deliver insightful market research consulting
that helps our clients make actionable marketing decisions
in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our Story

Steven H. Rose, a former executive vice-president of Yankelovich, Skelly and White and partner at the Daniel Yankelovich Group in New York City, established Rose Research as a full service marketing research company in 1990.

Over the course of his career, Steve’s been instrumental in developing a number of pioneering techniques that are still used in the marketing research industry today. From new product sales estimates/forecasting models, to unique approaches for interviewing children, he’s been trailblazing in the marketing research industry for nearly 50 years.

Thirty years later, with hundreds of happy clients and a healthy data library/normative database of over 4,000 studies, Rose Research continues to evolve under the leadership of Kelly Ewen and Brad Rose, the partners driving the company’s growth for over 20 years.

Their history of experience combining time-tested market research strategies with new and emerging insight technologies positions Rose Research as one of the world’s leading market research specialists.

Executive Bios

Steven Rose
Mr. Steven Rose has been in the forefront of the market research industry for the past 40+ years. He started his career in the advertising research business conducting advertising and tracking research studies at Ogilvy & Mather, D’arcy Advertising and Grey Advertising. Mr. Rose joined Yankelovich as a research analyst and worked his way up to become Executive Vice President and a Partner in the company. During his tenure at Yankelovich, his job responsibilities included overseeing the analytical staff of the firm and pioneering the development of a new sales forecasting tool – “Laboratory Test Market/Predictor”, the first service on the market which estimated new product sales prior to marketplace introduction. Another research product he helped develop was the first lifestyle research service – “Monitor/Scan”, which provides corporate America with an understanding of the attitudes, lifestyle and behavioral practices of consumers.


After 18 years with Yankelovich, Mr. Rose left the firm to start his own research company, Rose Research in 1990. Since then he has continued to innovate at the forefront of the research community, guiding Rose Research to become one of the leading market research firms in America. Mr. Rose has been quoted in numerous marketing research publications and delivered speeches at many conferences, including the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association and many others.

Brad Rose
Brad Rose has been conducting both qualitative and quantitative research at Rose Research for over 20 years. Mr. Rose has managed research projects around the world, including advertising testing/tracking, sales/volumetric forecasting, new product launches and more. Prior to working at Rose Research, he was a research analyst with Lowe & Partners SMS, working on a number of Fortune 500 accounts. Before Lowe, he worked in sports marketing, developing sponsorship opportunities for events. Mr. Rose has participated in high level presentations to the FDA and USDA and is a member of several scientific advisory councils for various government commodities. He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Kelly Ewen
Kelly Ewen, Executive Vice President of Rose Research, has more than 20 years of experience in the marketing research business. Prior to joining Rose Research, Kelly worked as a market research analyst for Euromotor Reports, a marketing research company in London, England, where he was responsible for overseeing European automotive research studies. After leaving Euromotor Reports, he worked for Publishers Clearing House in New York as a marketing analyst, where he was responsible for advertising testing and evaluating business plans as well as tactical initiatives and strategic partners the company was considering.


For the past 19 years, Mr. Ewen has been working at Rose Research overseeing programming, questionnaire development, data tabulating and client service, as well as new product sales prediction system – “PREDICTOR”, which estimates share and/or volume for new entries before they are introduced into the marketplace. Mr. Ewen graduated from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing.

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