From our president on down, rose research has the experience to tackle the most complex research problems. With experience in virtually every product category, (including normative data) – – from concept testing to satisfaction studies, to sales estimating, our research staff can help you solve problems by providing marketing intelligence utilizing state-of-the art methodologies.


Any research company can give you hard numbers and conduct tests of significance. We, on the other hand, view data with an eye toward its implication on the bottom line. In addition, our extensive experience and database of 3500+ studies enables us to share with our clients category norms and most importantly meaningful marketing recommendations.


At rose research, close client relationships are of utmost importance. In order to ensure that projects run smoothly, a partner of the company is always in charge of the project from the drafting of the questionnaire to the final presentation becoming part of your marketing team.


We conduct online, telephone and social media research, among other methodologies. Moreover, given our long history in the research business, we have established long-term relationships with reliable and proven sample companies and field services, both nationally and internationally.